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About me

Mulika Indriani Firdaus, usually called as Firda, have trying to be a writer.  =]

Maybe I’m just an ordinary girl, but I try to be an extraordinary girl..

Just visit my web, and give me some comments.hehehe


10 Responses to 'About me'

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  1. Fadly said,

    haha,first step to be a writer and a doctor…
    keep writing until your fingers give up!

  2. fajarbs said,

    pertamaxxxxx hehehe….

  3. nonifristaalazhari said,

    halo firda

  4. zizdont said,



  5. anitabelumberkeluarga said,

    assalamu’alaikum, mba ika, eh mba mulika, berkunjung nih, salam kenal ya,

  6. elfaruq said,

    tekdung, aku kira ini siapa… dek firda yo?

  7. @mas kresna : iya.. dek firda 588..heheh

  8. neswari said,


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